sábado, 14 de diciembre de 2013

DIY Christmas Bow With Pinecones


Do you like rustic Christmas décor with pinecones? If you do, let?s make this beautiful pinecone bow. The supplies are Christmas ribbon (or it may be any ribbon you like), 6 small pine cones, glue, seed beads and a piece of yarn about 20-30 cm. Make a bow, then glue 3 pine cones in the center. Decorate space between them with seed beads. Make a bow from the yarn and sew it on the back of the ribbon bow. Then glue remaining 3 pine cones, let dry and enjoy your decoration! You can hang it not only onto a tree, just anywhere you like including your porch.Similar Posts:Easy To Make Snowy Pine Cone Christmas OrnamentsDIY Christmas Tree Made Of Pine Cones10 Ideas To Decorate Christmas Tree With Pine conesDIY Pine Cones Candle HolderSimple DIY Pine Cone Candle Holder6 Sparkling Jewelry Christmas Tree Ideas Continue reading about DIY Christmas Bow With Pinecones...



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