domingo, 15 de diciembre de 2013

DIY Christmas Hanging Terrarium


Terrariums are recent everybody?s love! And a Christmas terrarium can be a great ornament or a gift. To make one you?ll need small hanging glass terrariums, a styrofoam ball, a craft knife, Christmas minis like santa, deer, bottle brush trees, hot glue, Diamond Dust Glitter and ribbon. The first thing you need to do is cut a slice of foam to fit your terrarium bottle. Take your ball and cut it in half. Then slice a sliver about a half inch thick. Trim your slice down around the edges until it fits inside the bottom of your terrarium. Repeat with any additional terrariums you have. Next, heat up your glue gun, and lay out your little scene of minis. Finish the terrarium reading the tutorial here and enjoy!Similar Posts:DIY Faceted Hanging Terrarium12 Simple And Cool DIY Halloween TerrariumsDIY Halloween Spider Nest Glowing PumpkinChristmas Tree Ornaments With Living PlantsHow To Make A Stylish Leather BeltDIY Mini Christmas Trees Continue reading about DIY Christmas Hanging Terrarium...



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