domingo, 1 de diciembre de 2013

DIY Glitter Striped Letters For Holiday Decor


Letters for décor is still a cool trend used for many occasions and types of decor, and it?s a great idea for Christmas. To make glitter letters for these holidays you?ll need cardboard letters spelling JOY, 1 bottle gold acrylic paint, 1 jar fine gold glitter, 1 decoupage medium, painters tape, a paint brush. Paint your letters gold and let dry. Use your painters tape to tape off the area you want to remain unglittered. Paint the exposed area with your decoupage. Cover generously with glitter and let dry. Remove the painter?s tape and decorate your space with the letters!Similar Posts:Decorating An Old Sideboard With Alphabet LettersCute DIY Glitter Letters For Valentines DayDIY Glitter Glass VotivesHow To Make Christmas Tree Ornaments With LettersDIY Painted Deck RugDIY Vintage Flower Vase Of A Tissue Box Continue reading about DIY Glitter Striped Letters For Holiday Decor...



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