domingo, 22 de diciembre de 2013

DIY Snowflake Tree Topper With Pipe Cleaners


Have you chosen a tree topper for your Christmas tree already? If you haven?t here?s a great idea! The supplies are metallic pipe cleaners, a wire cutter, wire. Bend one pipe cleaner into a square and close it by wrapping wire around the ends. Bend the four others into open bottom triangles. Attach your open triangle to each corner of your square by simply bending the ends up. Now pinch your two opposite triangles together and secure them at the top by twisting your wire around them. Finish by doing the same thing to the opposite side. Read the rest of the tutorial here and Merry Christmas!Similar Posts:DIY 3D-Looking Himmeli WreathHow To Make A Twiggy Christmas TreeDIY Modern Pyramid-Shaped Christmas Tree With GiftsBright DIY Layered Button NecklaceAdorable DIY Fabric Star OrnamentCool DIY Spider Jewelry For Halloween Continue reading about DIY Snowflake Tree Topper With Pipe Cleaners...



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