sábado, 28 de diciembre de 2013

Easy DIY Striped Potholder


A potholder is always a needed thing in the kitchen. Let?s make a simple one, you?ll need the pattern, fabric, and cotton batting. Cut 2 of the mitt piece out of fabric and 4 out of batting. Also cut 1 18? long x 2? wide piece of fabric for the binding. Make a sandwich of your pieces ? 2 layers of batting, then the two layers of fabric right sides together, then the last 2 layers of batting. Sew down the straight edge of the mitt, using 1/2? seam. This will allow you to open the mitt up and do all your quilting at once. Quilt your batting to your fabric. Fold your mitt back right sides together and finish sewing around the edges. To finish the potholder, look in the source and enjoy!Similar Posts:DIY Insulated Mug CozyCool DIY Potholders Looking Like Real PiesDIY iPod Case For Doing SportsHow To Make A Coat Hanger Cover To Make Your Closet BetterDIY Floral Patterned Sleeping MaskEasy DIY Lined Camera Bag Continue reading about Easy DIY Striped Potholder...



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