domingo, 15 de diciembre de 2013

Fantasized: Discarded Fans Become Lighting

Design Milk

Politician and environmentalist Hon. Nida Cabrera set up a challenge for Belgian product designer Sep Verboom to create a new product out of waste found in Cebu, Philippines. Verboom packed his bags and headed to the city and discovered that waste was a massive issue, causing both health and flooding problems. With Cebu being well-known for its weaving industry, it was a logical choice when it came to Verbooms product design. Old fans were purchased in local junkshops and the base of the Fantasized project was born. Taking the old fans and weaving industrial waste strips through the frames in colorful patterns makes for the perfect lampshade. The project not only raises awareness when it comes to environmental issues, it supports the city residents working for their livelihood.



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