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Five Fab Apartment Designs

Interior Design Ideas

A fistful of apartment designs from five different sources to get your place shipshape?or perhaps just to give you a little design to daydream about. Whether its a swanky high contrast décor, a twinkly neutral dream, or a color pop pad youre thinking of, this collection has it all and moreRich wood covers the floor and feature wall of this otherwise white apartment design, from arhform architectural studio, creating a warm and welcoming look. The lounge and dining areas are defined by shaggy area rugs from a neutral palette, and lighting choices throughout are big and bold.Gloss black elements compliment the deep wood tone within the scheme, and white curtains have been selected to blend in with the pale walls rather than to stand out.Our second apartment, visualized by Eduard Caliman in Leeds, UK, is a photorealsitic depiction of an interior containing a swish sofa that was designed by Antonio Citterio for BB Italia, and glamorous standing lamps and ceiling lights from Giovanni Sforza Home luxury Collection. Also fitting the deluxe theme perfectly are pieces from the Visionnaire Ipe Cavalli brand collection, such as the whimsically feather framed Bird mirror, and the glossy black Gretel console.Each solitary item has been specially selected by the visual artist to conjure an overall ambiance of a rich lifestyle.In the third apartment a much earthier atmosphere prevails, with matching strong woodgrain appearing in chairs, tables, consoles and entertainment units. A deliberate balance has been created between the wooden furniture pieces and the white elements in the room, with each item having a contrasting buddy in the opposite material, such as a twin coffee table, a flanking chest of drawers or an over cabinet frame.This scheme, courtesy of Evermotion, features an impressive mezzanine level overlooking an expansive open plan.Lastly, by Chang Zhuo Design, we have a place that prickles with a sprinkling of spicy red.Each area of the free flowing floor plan carries a splash of the accent color for a fully cohesive look.For more regular updates from Home Designing, join us on Facebook. If you are reading this through e-mail, please consider forwarding this mail to a few of your friends who are into interior design. Come on, you know who they are! Related Posts: Light and Dark Apartment Design Inspiration Cute and Groovy Small Space Apartment Designs 50 Modern Bathrooms Apartment Designs Shown With Rendered 3D Floor Plans A Tiny Taiwanese Apartment Tiny Parisian Studio Apartment Uses Innovative Lighting Techniques



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