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Friday Five with DISC Interiors

Design Milk

The dynamic duo behind DISC Interiors is Krista Schrock and David John Dick, a Los Angeles-based pair that offers clients full service interior design. Established in 2011, the firm quickly gained a reputation for warm, modern spaces, while exuding that effortless California feel. The combined synergy brought forth from their diverse backgrounds and working with various artisans, furniture and textile designers, equals the perfect combination of eclectic modernity. For this weeks Friday Five, the twosome shares their motley mix of inspirations. 1. FOOD: The Kinfolk Table Cookbooks are my crack. I admit, I often buy cookbooks just to feel the pages and look at the pictures, the recipes are an afterthought. My newest obsession is The Kinfolk Table. This comprehensive volume of stories recipes highlights the art of making each meal special, as well as taking the time to enjoy it whether you are by yourself, or surrounded by your closest pals. The book is broken down to a few distinct regions and the creatives that inhabit them, sharing their ?art of the small gathering.? It?s an inspiring reference point for me to remember the everyday, simple things in life. Krista Photo source 2. PAINTING: Agnes Martin It was at a show nearly 20 years ago, at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, that I first discovered the paintings of Agnes Martin. The show, called Negotiating Rapture: The Power of Art to Transform Lives, included works by Joseph Beuys, James Lee Byars, and Lucio Fontana. Never having read about Martins work prior, her paintings shattered my thoughts of what a painting needed to do, and introduced me to the idea of what art could do. There is a great line in one of her early letters, she says, I have only one worry in the world! It is that my paintings will show downtown and fail there. They will fail because they are non-aggressive ? they are not even outgoing ? in a competitive environment, with big displays of aggressive artwork. Her work is a testament that quieter works do have an impact. Ive continued to be captivated by the way her works celebrate light and space, and the strange calm I feel just gazing into her ethereal grids and painted boxes. David 3. MATERIALS: Rattan We cant stop thinking about rattan; it has an incredible texture when woven into furniture or illuminated. This lamp is by Meier Ferrer and is a rattan globe lamp, and gives us just more reason to love RATTAN! DISC Photo source 4. COLOR: Colorless Color / Black, White and Gray We have never been big on bright color however our obsession with black continues to grow by the day. Mix it with white, gray or a soft neutral and a space is instantly allowed to breathe while still filling the air with warmth and creating a soft tension between the elements. Krista 5. AUCTION HOUSES: Los Angeles Modern Auctions Out in the valley in Los Angeles is the perfect auction house, hosting multiple auctions every year of design, art, furniture, lighting, etc. Its the place we lust over objects first hand. Its much better than any museum. Founder, Peter Loughrey, whos hosted exhibitions of Gio Ponti, Gaetano Pesce, R.M. Schindler (to name a few), knows more about design then we ever hope to, but that is the exact reason we keep returning. LAMAs auctions are full of design heavy hitters, but it is usually the unknown California artists of the past that LAMA specializes in that brings us joy and inspiration. David



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