viernes, 20 de diciembre de 2013

Gift Guide 2013: Gifts for Groups, Couples, and Families


Group gifts?presents that are, as their name implies, given to not one person, but couples, families, crowds, parties, roommates, and siblings?are wonderful for a number of reasons. For one, shared gifts allow the recipients to bond over shared time together. From Restoration Hardwares Town Hall Bingo game (above) to a stunning croquet set, games and shared activities are a wonderful way to bring people together. They are also?and this is possibly the most important reason for their existence?a way for you, dear reader, to lighten your gift load a bit. Why go through all of the struggle trying to hunt down many perfect gifts for each person on your list when you can get one perfect gift that knocks it out of the park? BOOM?DONE. Gift-giving mission accomplished! Whether youre looking for the perfect hostess gift or something to give one of your favorite couples, one of these beautiful items is sure to fit the bill! ?Max Above: Town Hall Bingo ($99) (more)



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