jueves, 5 de diciembre de 2013

Give a Delivery this year!


 Wrecking your brain what to get someone, sieving through tons of blog posts on gift guides for guys, girls, kids, moms..... Suddenly, a beacon of hope...This year, instead of getting someone the perfect gift (we know, its tough) get them a subscription! The gift that keeps on giving (till the subscription ends, but by then it d probably be time for the next gift, then it d be a no brainer what to get).Here are four companies that provide subscription gifts. It s pure genius, i like it and i think my headache about what to get just cleared up. Magic.1 - Let s start with Not-another-bill ... it promises to introduce the recipient of their gifts to great artists, designers and brands.All you have to do is tell them who they have to send the gifts to, and what kinda gifts that person would like to receive. That s it! ... would like to see our number 2, 3 and 4 too... click here Number 2 on our list is -  designer box - with 3 options of time to choose from, 3, 6 or 12 months, you get a home decor item for each month that you are subscribed. The collectible piece comes in a darling wooden box that is numbered. Helps you keep track of the number of items you have received but also just looks great as a decorative piece or for storage in your home. Love products with a second life!    For number 3 we turn to the world of cards ... born out of the love of writing and receiving letters, a Nicely Noted subscription is the perfect gift for a pen pal or stationery junkie.With a subscription, your recipient will receive a curated collection of letterpress cards and stamps every month. I already have some people in mind whom i know would have a tiny fit of joy when they receieve this each month. *hint: mom*Or choose a subscription from Hello!LuckyAnd last but not least - 4- is For the Makers ... while they sell materials as well as kits to create DIY projects, For the Makers also has a suscription package. For a low rate of $29 per month, you can get your super crafty, hands on, always-doing-some-kinda-project friend all the materials to make four DIY projects. They come in monthly collections and have tutorials, tips and techniques from expert designers to boot. Even if your friend isn t that crafty, this will take her over to the craft side. Which subscription would you like to receive?



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