jueves, 12 de diciembre de 2013

Giving the Gift of Tradition


Every year I like to punctuate our gift guide posts with ideas that get to the heart of the season: celebrating the people we love. Rather than just gifting something tangible (which is perfectly fine), I think it can be even more meaningful to do something that is about committing to strengthening the bond between you and the person receiving the gift. No-buy and experience gifts are a fantastic way to do that, and weve shared some of our favorite ideas for both in years past. But today I wanted to share another idea: the gift of building a new tradition. It feels harder and harder these days to find time to actually see the people you love in person and away from their gadgets. So rather than completely leaving technology behind, I decided to work the idea of computers, apps and gadgets into this years gifting idea. Along with more straight forward DIY ideas, Ive shared 10 of my favorite ways to give someone the gift of a new tradition this year. Whether youre committing to a monthly dessert date, a weekend crafting session or a shared blog update, this type of gift is truly a way to make the recipient feel loved, appreciated and remembered. And what could be sweeter than knowing that someone cares enough to commit to spending time together on a regular basis, work schedules and hectic lives or not! That sort of one-on-one time (whether digital or in-person) feels like the most precious present you could ever give someone. If you have any great ideas youve given or received before, please feel free to share them below! Happy Holidays, Grace *Image above from a Christmas-themed Beyond the Big Day post on D*S All 10 ideas continue after the jump! (more)



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