domingo, 15 de diciembre de 2013

Holiday Escapes: Holiday Light Walking Tour


In the midst of gift season mania, its nice to find a way to spend time with friends without the stress of presents. So this season we decided to share a series of get-together posts that will share ideas for gathering with friends and either making something or spending time together in a meaningful way. Were kicking the series off today with one of my favorite winter activities: holiday lights! My favorite part of living in a big city is watching how the streets transform when theyre blanketed with snow and illuminated by rows of colorful holiday lights. This year we decided to check out downtown Brooklyn, because the lights are so interesting and modern. Rather than traditional snowflakes and wreath shapes, the downtown Brooklyn lights are a series of modern geometric shapes. I love the look so much we decided to shape an entire holiday escape around them, from what to bring with you to where to walk and where to shop. If youre not in the NYC-area this winter, you can easily build your own walking map for your hometown lights and take friends with you for a low-key outdoor adventure. Stay tuned for more holiday escape ideas next week that involve my favorite winter gifting activity: DIY gift wrap! xo, grace The full post, our blinking walking tour map and all shopping sources continue after the jump! This post is brought to you by Kate Spade Saturday. See the Saturday full range of products here! (more)



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