viernes, 13 de diciembre de 2013

Holiday Wishlist: Meg

Design Milk

We don?t do traditional gift guides here on Design Milk because everyone does them; we like to be different. A few years back, we did staff wishlists and once again we thought it would be fun to continue this new tradition and ask each current contributor what was on their wishlist this holiday season. So, for the next two weeks were featuring staff wishlists see them all here. Here are some items on Megs wishlist:  Ive had a lot of major changes in my life this year, mostly for the better. From moving into a more stable living situation to deciding to become an actual business (instead of casually scraping together freelance work), its involved a lot of introspection and consolidation. I have a great picture of what 2014 holds, and what things will look like moving forward all about balancing work and life a bit better, keeping everything minimal and warm. 1. A Weird, Wonky-eyed, Mangy Mutt I am a HUGE nerd when it comes to furry creatures. Secrets: before I went full-time freelance, I spent a couple years in the pet care industry. As much as Id totally love a German Shorthaired Pointer (and since I cant get a Zonkey), Im probably going to take in whatever 3-legged, half-blind, furless pup ends up on my stoop in the next year. 2. Fabric-Covered Electric Cable by Urban Cottage Industries At any given time, I have about 10 lighting projects queued up. Not exaggerating. So I cant help but think how awesome would it be to re-wire everything I own with colorful fabric-covered cords. Imagine how amazing the ugly tangle of wires behind a TV would look in a spectrum of color or even a simple swag pendant with a contrast red cord. No need to hide anything away, I love it. 3. Canon EOS 5D Mark III Im a big fan of Canons EOS. It would be ah-mazing to have a real DSLR to shoot my DIYs (among other things!). Ive mostly worked with Canon products and ideally, Id love a Mark III, but hey, Id be happy with a Rebel 4. Pleated String Lights by Pigeon Toe Ceramics String lights with class! These are my perennial wishlist inclusion. Im smitten. I dont even know where Id string them anywhere in the house that needs to feel a little more special. Closet? Kitchen? Bathroom? Hallway? All of the above? 5. Bensimon White Tennis Shoes Simple, straightforward classics, without the clunky look that comes with most casual sneakers. And with a rubber toe-cap so I dont bust a hole in them after a month of wear. Unassuming but stylish. These are pretty much my perfect sneaker. 6. PRINT MAGAZINES!! Design Bureau, How, The Gentlewoman, Frankie, Bullett Coming from a background in print publishing, I have a deep soft spot for a good periodical. I know how important newsstand sales are, but itd be really nice to buck-up and get subscriptions to some of my favorites. These guys are some of the best at what they do, and Id be giddy to get a stack like this once a month (although Id probably have to do something really nice for my mailman cookies?). 7. Pebble Tape Measure More often than I like, I find myself reaching into my purse and wishing I had a tape measure. I like this clever little pocket-sized solution for my frequent, last-minute stops at hardware stores and flea markets. 8. Loose-fit Leather Pants Dont give me that look. Im not usually so into the crazy trends, but this is one I can really get (ahem) behind. Youre saying I can basically wear sweatpants in public and not look like a schlub? Youre saying I can wear leather pants and still breathe? Alright.



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