domingo, 15 de diciembre de 2013

in the kitchen with: emma gardner?s victoria sponge


In response to my appeal to readers for traditional recipes on Izy?s Yorkshire Pudding post last month, I received a wonderful email from Emma Garder, the author behind Poires au Chocolat, ironically a British baking and desserts recipe blog.  From her repertoire, I chose one of the most classic of British dessert recipes, the Victoria Sponge- a nice soft cake with jam between the layers.  (You may also remember the butter cake vs sponge cake debate on Felicita Salas Lamington recipe from this spring.  Well, here?s the sponge!).   I have tried and failed at making this cake in the past, but must admit that Emma?s recipe came out perfectly for me!  One tip, however:  Read the recipe through to the end before commencing.  Lest you end up with a curdled batter like I did!!   The recipe is for a small cake, perfect for an intimate gathering.  If you don?t have two 7? spring form pans (not very common in the US), you can use a regular 6? or 8? pan, lining the bottom appropriately, and adjusting the baking times.   -Kristina About Emma: Emma Gardner is the creator of Poires au Chocolat, a British baking and desserts recipe blog. Emma started writing the blog in her first year of studying literature at Oxford and has kept going ever since. Poires au Chocolat has won multiple awards including Best Food Blog at the Guild of Food Writers Awards 2012 and has been mentioned in The Guardian, The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Corriere della Sera and many more. Nearly five years on, Emmas still fascinated by sweet recipes, literature, food history and the science behind baking. See how to make the Victoria Sponge after the jump! (more)



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