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Lajeunesse Residence by Naturehumaine

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Lajeunesse Residence is a minimalist house located in Quebec, Canada, designed by Naturehumaine. The architecture firm was hired by a young couple to perform a complete renovation of their interior space. The clients grandfather was the original builder of the home, and is now housing the third generation of the family. The request of the clients was for an interior that was open, modern, and bright. Due to noise pollution near the front of the home, the architects decided to move the living areas to the back facing north. The challenge was to extract natural lighting into these spaces, which the architects solved by creating a double-height light-well topped with a skylight. Privacy is maintained by using translucent doors, thus allowing ample lighting to enter the kitchen space. A steel bar floats above the dining table to serve as both a sculptural element, as well as a support for the lights. Naturehumaine kept the custom furniture around the home consistent, and used only folded steel plates, white wooden shelves, or Russian plywood. Lastly, angled white steel tubes were used to hold up the dining table, the kitchen island, and the glass handrail. Photography by Adrien Williams.



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