domingo, 15 de diciembre de 2013

Last minute gift ideas for nesters and home decor lovers!


I like to give gifts that have a lot of thought in them or I know the recipient really, really wants. That s not always easy, especially on a budget If I m stumped I tend to lean towards something unique that will be a conversation piece in their home. Here are a few cute ideas I found..This alpaca blend throw is sure to be a favorite for the lucky someone who gets it. So pretty!At Maker and Moss)A row of glass bubbles that each hold a bud or two - or just looks like cool art when it s empty. AtUncommonGoodsThis Filigreed Metal votive set is absolutely stunning.AtThe Loaded TrunkThese gilt edge agate coasters are so pretty, they will look fab just sitting on the table.OnEtsyGlass containers for display or even some new candlestick holders! Try to find candlesticks that are sculptural so they look nice even without candles in them.AtHomemakers OnlineHow great is this book that acts as a router or charger cover? Great for those who love to read!OnXNYA decorative pillow featuring their favorite pet. Pet-related gifts are always loved by parents of the four-legged kind.OnEtsy



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