viernes, 20 de diciembre de 2013

Make Your Own Furniture With Design Components by Michael Bernard

Design Milk

Berlin-based designer Michael Bernard has a lot on his plate and we like every single thing. His furnishings seem to be centered around two basic principles: simple and sustainable. He creates objects that interact with things we either build ourselves or already have in order to make an entirely new piece that feels much more personal. The Leviathan table legs, made from lightweight wire-tubing, gain their stability once connected to the user?s tabletop and allow for simple construction and dismantling. The Ad Hoc Lamp offers the user the possibility of an individual design. The lamps head and base can be connected with any object that fits inside the conduits and then fastened with a locking screw. The Nooks Shelf System consists of nothing but brackets, in practically endless combinations of color, material and board thickness (thanks to on demand 3D printing), allowing the tool-free assembly of any selection of wood into a custom storage unit. The legs of this Trestle Bed take the advantage of a standard bed frames and can easily attach without tools. The space-saving, stackable feet can be easily assembled and dismantled.



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