domingo, 15 de diciembre de 2013

Pretty DIY Embossed Clay Star Decorations


There are many ideas to make a Christmas ornament of clay but these ones are special because they have a fabric pattern, a very non-typical thing. The supplies are air drying clay, a rolling pin, cable knit, a star shaped cookie cutter, sandpaper, some ribbon or string. Start by rolling out your air hardening clay evenly to about 5mm thick. Next take your cable knit wool and place it on top of the clay. Using the rolling pin press the wool firmly into the clay. Make sure to apply even pressure with the rolling pin. You can always peel back a corner first to make sure youre happy with the pattern before you remove the whole thing. To find out how to finish the craft, look here and Merry Christmas!Similar Posts:How To Decorate Simple Storage OttomanAwesome DIY Leaf-Patterned TableclothDIY Leather Business Card HolderDIY Clay Letters For Different Stuff For All DaddiesDIY Painted Deck RugDIY Clay Pots Shaped Like Small Houses Continue reading about Pretty DIY Embossed Clay Star Decorations...



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