domingo, 15 de diciembre de 2013

Townhouses That Look Like Separate Houses

Design Milk

These two modern townhouses began as Spanish mission style homes before architect Robert Davidov, of Davidov Partners, got his hands on them. All was not lost though elements of the original homes were brought in through texture on the exterior finish and the decorative screen-like shade. The townhouses have different floor plans and appear to be individual houses from the street as opposed to traditional townhouses. The southern houses are flanked with glass on the east and west sides flooding them with sunlight. To cut down on the direct sun, the screen was added giving that building its own distinct look. The northern houses have dining and living areas that open directly to the outdoors with sliding glass doors that disappear. The living room expands out to the patio area, extending the square footage. Light peeps in from the various windows placed throughout the homes, bouncing off the white walls and ceilings. Light colored floors also keep it light and airy. The interior feels private despite being on an exposed corner lot. The floating stairs keep the foyer from feeling too closed in and dark. I love how the sun filters through the exterior screen and creates patterns on the walls and floor! Photos by Andrew Wuttke and James Coombes.



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