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Urban Apartment by Architect Michal Schein

Design Milk

Architect Michal Schein worked magic on this 150 square meter (or 1614 square feet) penthouse apartment in an upscale neighborhood in Tel Aviv. The original design didnt work for the homeowners so a complete transformation was in order using glass partitions, high cabinets, and massive sliding glass doors that reorganized the layout without compromising the functionality of the space. The separation created with the partitions and cabinets still allows for light to flow throughout, as well as for the home to remain spacious feeling. Keeping in mind the need for storage, a master bedroom with two bathrooms, a second bedroom, an office with two workstations, and an elegant living and entertaining area, Schein managed to fit all of the requirements in while creating a sleek urban retreat through interior design choices. Referencing the diversity of the city, various combinations of materials were used, like bright and dark, soft and rough, etc. For example, mixing a soft black fur carpet with a modern steel and glass coffee table or soft light fabrics with the coldness of glass windows and brick walls. Large wooden cabinets float in the space incorporating storage but also creating a separation. A walk-through shower! Photos by Elad Gonen.



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