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Vintage Modern in San Francisco


Kate Davison and Jesse Hayes have only lived in this apartment for two months, but theyve already created a home here in San Franciscos Mission District. The house was built in 1908 and is imbued with a deep sense of history. The couple used the apartments bones as a backdrop for their own personal aesthetic one that relies on inherited and thrifted pieces. Lately, they have also tried to incorporate more mid-century pieces as a way to tone down the formal feel of all the antiques. Kate has background in historical archives and before moving to San Francisco a year and a half ago, ran a booth in an antique store in Atlanta with her sister.  The booth was taken over by and friend and turned into a successful business, Brick+Mortar. She now works at a tech firm in San Francisco as an EA and dabbles in staging and art direction. Design always has been a passion and a hobby of hers. Jesse is a graphic designer at a medical software company and also does freelance and commissioned illustrations.  -Thanks Kate and Jesse! And a big thank you to Colin Price for the lovely photographs! -Amy Image above: You enter into the flat through the living room, so we needed it to be inviting, as well as a well-organized space for foot traffic. The custom sectional sofa was a perfect fit and serves as a guest bed when needed. Image above: Jesse had the brilliant idea to keep a white theme with the mantle in the living room. It was a little too proper for our taste, so we tried to pare it down and keep it simple. It?s a collection in process, but includes a gifted Jonathan Adler piece, a plaster cast of an old Clorox bottle and a bust of Napoleon Bonaparte (he has a reoccurring presence throughout the house). See all the photos of this San Francisco home after the jump! (more)



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