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Spectacular Staircase: Iron Lace Project by Gestion René Desjardins

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This house in Montreal, Canada was built with two things in mind the homeowners love of contemporary art and throwing parties. Sounds like an awesome mix to me, especially since Gestion René Desjardins also incorporated a spectacular staircase in anthracite iron lace, hence its name, Iron Lace Project. The home began as a 1960s bungalow and while being granted the permission to tear it down and

17 Cool Easter Kids? Crafts


Easter is a family holiday, of course, that?s why if you have kids you can make some pretty Easter crafts for them and together with them. Candy holders are on top ? crocheted egg candy holder, chick candy holder, carrot candy holder and so on ? all depends on what shape you?d like to have and if you are good at some techniques like crocheting. Tasty Easter treats will also make your kids happy ?

Juego visual · Visual game

VINTAGE & CHIC: decoración vintage para tu casa · vintage home decor

¿día despejado y calentito? · Is it sunny and warm outside?¿o hace más bien un frío helador? · or freezing cold?Pues sí, más lo segundo últimamente... · Yes, more of the second lately...Fotos · Photos: Vintage Chicfacebook·twitter·pinterest·bloglovin·shop·lovenotes·moodyo




Design Crisis

I have emerged from the shadowy depths of baby hibernation a butterfly transformed by your kind comments. Thank you for reading all about my room tour last week, and double triple googleplex thank you for letting me know youd like to see more of them. Im working up a tour of the nursery for next week, so please do tune in for that there goodness.Today is not so much goodness. Both kids have/had cr

DIY Project: Marbled Paper Napkin Rings


Today, weve been all about marbling ? first the interview with Ilana Kohn and then Past Present: Marbling. Weve built quite a collection of beautiful marbled papers here at the office, and were always looking for ways to incorporate them into our daily lives. I tend to treat beautiful paper the way other people treat fine china: waiting for the perfect occasion to make that first cut. Luckily, G

Heather Scott Home & Design

House of Turquoise

After seeing the gorgeous showcase house yesterday, I had to learn more about the talented interior designer. I was so happy to discover the portfolio of Heather Blue Harkovich of Heather Scott Home Design filled with these fantastic blue-infused rooms! I wish I could magically transport myself into that sunny breakfast area with the comfy slipcovered furniture and blue ceiling! I love how that a

Los años 50 en dos ilustraciones de Oren Sherman


Dos ilustraciones le bastan a Oren Sherman para retratar los años 50. Tiene más, pero las dos que veis ilustrando mis palabras son las que mejor lo hacen de toda su serie Mid-Century Modern. Un ejemplo más del gusto de este artista. Quizás muchos no lo conozcáis por su nombre, pero seguro que habéis visto alguna vez sus diseños, ya que ha trabajado para Hermes, Pepsi, Disney, Visa y muchos más. N

Modern Dining: Nostalgic Inspiration

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This proudly presented dining collection begins with two perspectives by Aurélien Brion, synonymous with the promotion of innovative yet uncomplicated design. An apparently seamless, edgeless and endless line emanates from the Calla Lilly-topped table throughout this proposed Canadian space, subtly contrasting with the pseudo-industrial chairs and lofty pendant lighting. Experimentation with open

Interview: Jonathan Chapman of Mr Yen


Im so excited to start the day with one of my favorite artists specializing in paper cutting. Jonathan Chapman, otherwise known as Mr Yen, has been creating beautiful paper cut designs for the past four years. He shared his early projects with me via email, and I was instantly taken with his style and how incredibly polite and friendly he was over email (that goes far in my book). Ive been follow

Mesa Decorada

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Como uma boa descendente de austríacos, sou apaixonada por mesa decorada! Sempre que posso, incluo um efeito diferente à mesa, algo que encante os olhos, quando sirvo as refeições.Desta vez foi a mistura de estampas, bem coloridas, para dar um toque divertido na decoração ;) A casa é feita de paredes e vigas, um lar é construído com amor e sonhos. Autor desconhecido



Google Glass

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You might have heard some mumblings of something coming from Google called Google Glass. Well, it looks like theyre ready to let a select few try them out by applying to be an Explorer. What is Google Glass you say? Its a wearable device that appears to be eyewear and is supposed to give you some kind of alternate reality experience. Check out this video where it gives you a first-hand look at wh

Minimalist Lamp called Aurora by The Good Flock

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The simple Aurora Lamp by The Good Flock is hand turned and assembled in Oregon. I love that you can use this lamp on a desk surface or mount it to the wall as a sconce with a single screw. Made of white oak and finished with 100% Tung Oil, this lamp kind of reminds me a bit of a candlestick. It also comes in a black finish. Watch a video that gives some insight into the lamps story Share This

Tendencias: Decoración estilo Ombre

Casa Haus

Andamos con antojo deslavado el día de hoyFeeling a little dip-dye todayEl efecto ombre o deslavado sigue fuerte en la decoración, y cómo no va a ser, si se ve tan hermoso. Cortinas, cojines, tapetes los textiles son geniales para hacer proyectos diy (hazlo tú mismo) de este tipo, jugando a la hora de teñirlos para conseguir distintos efectos. El resultado: una decoración muy desenfadada, rela

Un dormitorio infantil mágico

DecoPeques -Decoración infantil, Bebés y Niños

¿A qué peque no le rechiflaría esta habitación? Alegre, colorida, divertida y con la cama dentro de una casita. El papel pintado con motivos geométricos levanta el tono anímico de la habitaciónel suelo de madera aporta el toque de calidez y ese silloncito hecho con pallets y envuelto en cojines y flanqueado por la mesa Gnomes de Kartell  ( diseño de enano diseñado por el diseñador  Philippe Starck

Touchscreen Products & Accessories


Is it just me, or does everything seem to have a touchscreen these days? From computers to parking meters (yup, those too), touchscreens are now the norm. It was a slow acceptance for me, but I am now fully embracing the touchscreen revolution and cant wait to see what comes next. So this week Ive rounded up some favorite touchscreen innovations on My Life Scoop. Click here to check out the full p

Get Out! Biknit by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso

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Is there anything cozier than a chunky knit sweater? I think not, and this Biknit chaise lounge by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso has the right idea. The boldly woven piece comes in an indoor or outdoor version, perfect for nap time when you want to curl up poolside. The oversized cords are woven onto a contrasting powder coated steel frame. The outdoor version is made with a soft polyethylene dow

Cómo hacer un sello para decorar estampando

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Buenos días amigos! Hoy quiero explicarles cómo hacer un sello, de los típicos, para estampar en todo tipo de cosas.Vamos a hacer un sello casero, así podremos poner la forma que queramos.. una sencilla, un corazón, una luna o algo un poco más complejo.Ideal para decoraciones infantiles, además de ser un juguete para los niños, estos sellos se pueden hacer fácilmente y nos servirán para muchas man

Decorar un salón pequeño con color y perspectiva

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Cuando tenemos un salón pequeño para decorar, recurrimos a privarnos de algunas cosas como muebles u ornamentos, lo que es cierto que funciona, pero que no es tampoco que sea imperativo. Así que hay que dimensionar, utilizar muebles que en el tamaño nos permitan tener de todo sin quitarnos más espacio del poco que tenemos y claro usar el color, siempre el color a favor.En respecto del color, ya te

Accesorios Design, de Gala - Portal de decoración

Gala ha lanzado la coleccin de accesorios Design, de lneas rectas, funcional y de fcil combinacin en el cuarto de bao. Design se compone de elementos minimalistas, de fcil instalacin, caracterizados por lneas rectas con acabados en cromo brillo combinados con cristal arenado y transparente, que le dan un punto de diseo y estilo que marcan su personalidad.Design es una serie muy completa, de mltipl

Taste: The Food Photography of Henry Hargreaves

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Every January, we launch our new collection at Pinchs annual PEEP: SHOW. Our whole team gets involved from the R+D to the execution and witness the first Guinea pigs interact with our new creations. Its a beautiful process, to watch the hard work come life. We see what works and what still needs tweaking. As you can imagine, it?s quite stimulating and exhausting! So that said, February is our mo

Hispania. Londres. Ole, Ole, Ole

VINTAGE & CHIC: decoración vintage para tu casa · vintage home decor

Queridos españoles en la diáspora londinense y viajeros varios ¡¡¡buenas noticias!!! A partir de ahora, cuando hablemos de comer MUY BIEN en Londres, ya no tendremos que pensar en restaurantes internacionales con acento francés, japonés, griego o lo que tercie. Ahora comer bien en Londres se pronuncia HISPANIA. Así, a lo grande. Y es que con una decoración firmada por el genio (soy muy, muy fan) L

Unificando espacios gracias al buen uso de la madera


Variedad en la unidad y unidad en la variedad. Es una de las máximas de la arquitectura moderna que se puede aplicar tanto a los colores y los materiales, como a la geometría y los espacios. En este apartamento de Londres se ha conseguido unificar espacios gracias al buen uso de la madera. El mayor reto de este proyecto, perfectamente resuelto por el estudio de arquitectura OSA/KHBT, era la neces

25 Amazing Papercut Artists


Today Design*Sponge is almost entirely devoted to paper crafts. Coming up, weve got two interviews with artists who specialize in the classic paper techniques of marbling and paper cutting, as well as two paper-based DIY projects, a roundup of marbled design goods and an in-depth look at the history of marbling. To kick things off, I thought Id share 25 of my favorite artists who create incredibl

Turn Old Bottles into Vases with the snug.vase by

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Take an ordinary material like cardboard and an old bottle or glass and what you have is a really cool geometric vase from the Germany-based The snug.vase is made from a piece of colored cardboard that you fold up and slip over a glass of water or bottle. Instant faceted vase! The flat-packed cardboard comes ready to fold in one of three colors white, grey, or copper. You also can

A stunning barn for our wedding! My wedding date and venue revealed!


I am so excited to announce that Chris and I have selected a date and venue for our ceremony and reception!We were originally shooting for a Fall 2013 wedding, but as everything we were interested in was already booked, we are now having our wedding on May 24, 2014 at the Mathwig Estate Event Barn in Thurmont, MD!Here is the front of the barn:via One17 Photography and Brittany Thomas PhotographyTh

How To Make A Kaleidoscope Pillow


We?ve told you how to make some pretty pillows, and here?s one more idea ? a kaleidoscope pillow. You?ll need 2 coordinating Kona Cotton fat quarters with matching print, 18? x 18? backing fabric, Kaleidoscope pillow pattern PDF, low-tack painters tape or pattern weights, a ruler and mechanical pencil, a sewing machine and thread, a hand sewing needle, a fiberfill 1? covered button kit. Download a

Free downloadable labels

Home Shopping Spy

At Ideal Home we love a bit of pantry organisation and are often partial to a pretty label. A Le Parfait preserve jar is a very fine thing but a Le Parfait jar with a pretty yet professional label on is the business, wouldnt we all agree? Good. So, for our March issue we designed our very own that you can download for free. Just click on the link belowPrint onto plastic label sheets to help create

Un salón en azul y rojo - Portal de decoración

El saln que hoy os mostramos est decorado en tonos azules y rojos, una combinacin cromtica arriesgada, pero al mismo tiempo que aporta mucha alegra a la estancia y que empieza a introducirnos poco a poco en la nueva estacin que est cada vez ms cerca.Sobre el sof, tapizado en un tono gris muy neutro, encontramos una coleccin de cojines tapizados cada uno de ellos con un tejido y estampado distinto.

Letter I, de Modoluce - Portal de decoración

La letra I se suma a la coleccin Futura, de lmparas verstiles de la firma italiana Modoluce, que ya incluye las letras O , T e Y . I , como otras lmparas, puede ser una lmpara colgante de techo, una lmpara de pared, un totem luminoso e incluso un asiento, y es una pieza de iluminacin perfecta tanto para espacios interiores como exteriores. Con estas piezas conseguirs crear atmsferas de lo ms

DIY Project: Cut Paper Memento


Ive been seeing papercut projects everywhere recently, and its not difficult to see why. Like knitting, crocheting and baking, paper cutting is an activity that nurtures the slow lifestyle and offers a welcome respite from the jumbled fast lane that is contemporary life. Theres also something incredibly beautiful about intricate and ornamental designs combined with the simplicity and delicacy of

The Largest Black Marker Collection in the World Now Online

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Back in 2011, we posted about artist Allister Lee, who was on a journey to collect and document all the black markers in the world. Being slightly obsessed with drawing myself, Im also a little obsessed with markers and pens so I can relate to Allisters desire to get a chance to use all of these markers. Im sure many of you out there who love to draw or paint can also relate to the joy that new p

Interview: Ilana Kohn


This week, I got out our marbling supplies and started playing around. Lets just say that my initial attempts were anything but breathtaking. So when I hit the web for more tips and tricks, I stumbled upon a class that Ilana Kohn taught at the Textile Arts Center and just fell in love with her marbled silks. When I discovered the clothing collection that she created around those marbled fabrics,

Divide tus espacios utilizando el color

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Buenos días amigos, en el espacio de hoy hablaremos sobre cómo dividir diferentes zonas, dentro de un mismo espacio.En muchas ocasiones hemos hablado de ello, pero esta vez escogeremos un punto de vista completamente diferente.Es cierto que para dividir espacios hemos hablado de utilizar desde muebles, como módulos, sofás, mesas o biombos, hasta textiles como cortinas y alfombras.Pero hoy vamos a

DIY Coconut Tea Rose Sugar Scrub


We continue telling you how to make luxurious cosmetics yourself, and today it?s rose tea coconut sugar scrub. The supplies are coconut oil, brown sugar, rose tea. Melt the coconut oil as it?s solid and mix 2 parts sugar to 1 part oil. Add essential oils of choice to achieve your favorite scent. Just add in raw ingredients such as lemon, dried lavender flowers, peppermint, rosemary, honey, ginger,

Kandrac & Kole Interior Designs

House of Turquoise

A room with personality and style, just what every girl wants! (That and their own bathroom!) Interior designers Joann Kandrac and Kelly Kole of Kandrac Kole Interior Designs out of Atlanta, Georgia made wishes come true with this fun bedroom! The magnificent handpainted, custom-made 6 x4 canvas is my favorite detail of the room (along with the wall color, of course!)...Kelsie will treasure that

fire shelter


Designed by Simon Hjermind Jensen, Fire Shelter is a temporary public space located in Sydhavnstippen, an inactive landfill that since 1973 has become overgrown with wild vegetation and animals. The shelter takes inspiration from architecture of ethnic and nomadic people. Inside, benches surround a fire pit, offering shelter from wind and a warm hearth. At night, light permeates the white polycarb

Cuberterías: qué necesitas y cómo elegir - Portal de decoración

Tener una cubertera lo ms completa y adecuada a nuestras necesidades es indispensable en la mesa a la hora de servir los alimentos y comer. Es indispensable que tenga un diseo de nuestro agrado, aunque sea muy bsica, y que sea de calidad aceptable. Sabras cmo elegirla? Las cuberteras completas para doce comensales pueden no ser una prioridad en tu lista de necesidades para la casa. Es interesante

Una idea para doblar las servilletas (con vídeo).


Doblar de forma curiosa, elegante o divertidas las servilletas, puede ser la diferencia entre una buena presentación de mesa, o una mesa que pase desapercibida. Si no te gusta que la decoración de tu mesa pase desapercibida, aprende a doblar las servilletas con formas originales.Si no conoces ninguna forma original de doblar las servilletas, en el vídeo te muestro una idea que te servirá para deco

Jacobsen: sillas y patios. Una prometedora conferencia


No suelo recomendar conferencias. De hecho, tampoco solía asistir a ellas durante la carrera algo de lo que ahora me arrepiento así que para enmendar ligeramente mis errores del pasado, os invito a que asistáis a Jacobsen: sillas y patios. Una prometedora conferencia, sin duda. Prometedora no sólo por el título, que ya debería bastar, sino también por la ilustración que la acompaña, que compone u