domingo, 31 de marzo de 2013

La Lobera, un refugio perfecto en Las Merindades


Lo bueno de perderse entre la niebla de Las Merindades, es llegar accidentalmente a La Lobera. Las Merindades están situadas en la parte norte de Burgos, en su frontera con Cantabria. La niebla densa que se forma en esta época del año en las proximidades del Embalse del Ebro hace imposible la visibilidad cuando circulas por los pueblos que rodean la playa más popular de Burgos. Y si te pilla la n

Current Obsession: Indigo


Over the past few months I have developed a full-fledged obsession with indigo. Ive been collecting Japanese indigo fabric samples for months in the hopes of making my own quilt, but Ive also been pinning away with reckless abandon every time I see a great indigo design. When Amy and I realized our obsessions were merging this month, we decided to team up and cover all angles of indigo, from great

After the Jump: Rena Tom of Makeshift Society (MP3)


This years season of After the Jump has been a challenge and a delight because Ive been focusing primarily on makers/creatives that I know in my personal life. Ive been fortunate enough to meet some truly amazing people through Design*Sponge who evolved from work colleagues and peers into trusted friends, confidants and mentors. Rena Tom is all of that and much more to me, and I was thrilled to na

Auténtico minimalismo en un ático de Tel Aviv


La última vez que visitamos esta bonita ciudad israelí, virtualmente hablando, fue para conocer la preciosa reforma de un edificio antiguo, pero hoy lo que nos trae aquí es el auténtico minimalismo de un ático en Tel Aviv. Porque el minimalismo de verdad no es la ausencia de muebles, o la predominancia del blanco, sino la atención desmedida a cada detalle para que el conjunto resulte de la mayor

Fresh From The Dairy: Animals

Design Milk

Yes, I know Ive already rounded up some great animal artwork in The Design Milk Dairy before, but Ive been eyeing a few favorites lately that I thought Id share anyway. After all, animals never get old. Above: Wildlife by The White Deer Hipster Lion iPhone case by Balázs Solti Sphinx Cat by Sara Ligari Its Time to Land pillow by Angelo Cerantola (also love this one as a laptop skin) In an ongo

Técnicas y sistemas de construcción de casas.

Arquitectura de Casas

Para levantar una casa se opta por algunas técnicas o sistema de construcción. A medida que evoluciona la ciencia, la técnica y la tecnología, se desarrollan sistemas para la construcción de casas que ahorran tiempo y dinero, que ponen las tareas en manos de personas comunes o de expertos muy capacitados para algunas.La industrialización de las casas se basa en procesos sistematizados, adoptados p

German Wedding Book by Stefanie Luxat


Its wedding season, think spring! Maybe if we all wish for it hard enough it will appear because today we got more snow!? So I decided to pull out this wedding book for a little inspiration and to practice my German as I try to make sense of it all. I am in total wedding mode recently, especially with the release of a new magazine I just discovered (more about that in the next post) and because th

Art in the Everyday: Tupperware ? An American Design Classic


On a chilly autumn day in October 2010, I found myself at a Tupperware party in Farmingdale, Long Island. Sitting in the living room of Anthony Portelli, a well-coiffed 40-something Italian man, I?m surrounded by a crowd of mostly middle-aged women, some teenage girls and a few grandmothers. All of them, dressed in varying shades of beige and powder blue, look quite at place in the suburban, tast

Colored-Pencil Table by Nendo

Design Milk

Japanese design studio Nendo created an installation for the 2013 Saint-Étienne Design Biennial featuring a series of pastel rainbow-colored, wooden tables. The project, entitled Colored-Pencil Table, explores the manipulation of surface texture in furniture design and a possible look at the future of it. The table surfaces are developed with a technique called udukuri, where the top, soft layer

NEW: Mollie Makes Handmade Wedding Magazine


My friends over at Mollie Makes magazine just announced a special one off magazine theyve created called Handmade Wedding that will release in the UK on April 4th and its just beautiful. I love blogging about inspirational magazines because I want print to stay alive forever and ever! There is a little preview snippet online if youd like to view it here: Preview Mollie Makes Handmade Wedding. And

How To Make A Glam Spring Flower Wreath


Spring is here and it?s high time to decorate your house inside and outside with some cute pieces that would highlight the atmosphere! To make this funny and bright wreath you?ll need a basic wood wreath, 4 stems of assorted fake flowers, 1 strand of glass pearls, green glitter butterflies, giant crystals, glue sticks and glue gun, mini disco balls, small silver beads leftover, white ribbon. Take

Bangkok House With A Unique Take On Privacy

Interior Design Ideas

The modern houses exterior shows a boundless lawn filled with trees and greenery but no fences or walls. A lounge area within the modern complex is created with an eye towards nature. An internal sleek, brilliantly lit passageway boasts access to the homes interior spaces on every side. This view shows some of the exterior barriers and dividing walls used within the homes complex created for priva

Calling All Antique Rug Experts: What the What Did I Just Buy?

Design Crisis

Thanks to everyone for your super smart rug suggestions on my last post. I followed your links and made moodboards and generally drove myself banana sandwiches trying to fit all the moving parts and variables together do I switch this rug or sell that rug? Layer something small with seagrass or save up and spend big money to buy a big rug? Truth is, I tend to buy antique rugs that may or may not f

DIY Family Cross-Stitch & Weekly Wrap Up


Today is the last day of our Family Pets theme (though well always include those ideas in our regular posts), and it felt right to honor that topic with a special family DIY project. I love it when small-scale crafts get blown up into larger-than-life proportions, so this project from D*S reader and crafter Kate Hardy felt like the perfect way to celebrate family month and a super-sized craft tec

Christine Markatos Design

House of Turquoise

So much beauty!! The portfolio of Santa Monica interior designer Christine Markatos Lowe is downright stunning. I absolutely love the fresh mixture of pattern, color and texture in her elegant style! That first image of the stairway with the chevron-wallpapered bathroom feels so ethereal, it seriously takes me away. Love that comfy outdoor lounge area too with the piles of pillows! I really love a

Past & Present: Indigo


As I sit on a blue-gray sofa, my feet propped up on my pink coffee table made comfortable by a purple pillow, its hard to imagine a time when color itself was a luxury. We have an entire month of color planned for May, but in the meantime, Ive found myself completely obsessed with one of the worlds oldest dyes: indigo. Maybe its a little rebellion against all the neons and metallics (although Im

Everyday Constructions by Sofie Samuelson and Hanna Billqvist

Design Milk

During the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Sofie Samuelson and Hanna Billqvist showed their collaborative project, Everyday Constructions. Theyve taken everyday, functional objects and turned them into decorative elements so that they are no longer overlooked. Hanna explains, The idea for my furniture collection was born during a period when I passed a facade covered in scaffolding, day after day.

Lugares olvidados


Desde que hace dos años descubriera las ruinas de Detroit, he quedado prendado de los edificios abandonados, de los lugares olvidados, que es precisamente como se llama esta serie fotográfica del alemán Sven Fennema. Sven es un apasionado de los lugares abandonados, pero además es un magnífico fotógrafo, lo que da como resultado una serie de imágenes sobrecogedoras que cuentan historias del pasad

Apartamento estilo nórdico

Decoración 2.0

Buenos días a todos vosotros, hoy os dejo algunas fotografías sobre este encantador apartamento de estilo nórdico.La verdad es que me encanta la sencillez de las formas y la decoración así, preferiblemente la prefiero en color blanca.. pero esta combinación del blanco con el elegante color negro, brinda ambientes muy sobrios y elegantes.Si quieres una decoración elegante, puede que estas fotografí

Toalleros de Mg12, la funcionalidad en equilibrio con el diseño


Hay accesorios en algunas habitaciones que parecen no tener demasiada importancia y que sin embargo son claves en muchos sentidos, por ejemplo en el cuarto de baño, los toalleros. Son complementos pequeños y por eso muchas veces no reparamos en ellos pero sin embargo son muy importantes por la función que desempeñan y porque están muy a la vista. Uno o varios toalleros en el baño resulta impresci

friday inspiration


Sophie Blackall is the artist behind Missed Connections, a series of illustrative interpretations of missed connections ads. I love the way she interprets these often bizarre attempts to reconnect with a random stranger. The collection is available in book form, too. The artist was honored last year to design a poster for the New York MTA.Happy Friday!via It s Nice That



Naica Lamp by Daniel Debiasi & Federico Sandri for Ligne Roset

Design Milk

The duo Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri make up Something, a design partnership based in London and Verona, Italy, and their latest creation is a lamp called Naica for Ligne Roset. Inspired by those old carbide lanterns that were used by miners, the lamp is a bit cave-like itself with a hollowed out space that softly reflects the light. The ceramic fixture diffuses the light that way creating

Projecteur 365, la nueva lámpara de Le Corbusier


No estoy loco, aunque hace casi 50 años que Charles-Édouard Jeanneret nos dejó, hoy podemos disfrutar de Projecteur 365, la nueva lámpara de Le Corbusier, cuyos planos se descubrieron en los archivos de la fundación que lleva su nombre en París. Originalmente diseñada para los tribunales de Chandigarh el gran proyecto urbanístico del arquitecto francés, esta preciosa lámpara nunca llegó a fabrica

NOWNESS In Residence: Rolf Sachs

Design Milk

NOWNESS has launched a new series called In Residence, which profiles designers to capture notable figures from the art and design world within the most intimate of surroundings: their own home. It is a rare opportunity to see a different side of the artist: a look into the spaces that inspire their work, a chance to hear the stories about why they live in the way that they do. We are loving this

Friday Five with Amy Lau

Design Milk

Arizona native Amy Lau, who is based in New York City, founded her interiors firm in 2001. Lau received a Masters degree from Sothebys in New York, after which she worked for Thomas OBrien at Aero. In 2005 she cofounded the Design Miami Fair, which runs in conjunction with Art Basel Miami Beach. In addition to her work in the arts and as an interior designer, she designs the Amy Lau Studio produc

5 ideas para decorar una boda en primavera.


Aunque casarse en cualquier otra ocasión tiene su encanto, una boda en primavera es la elección más común. Si tú también has elegido casarte en esta temporada, no te pierdas ni una de estas 5 ideas para decorar una boda en primavera.Idea 1 para una boda en primavera. Un refresco verde.Imagen de Johnson CityVerde, amarillo, rosa... encuentra inspiración en los colores de la primavera y crea una beb

DIY Upcycled Light Bulb Centerpiece


We?ve already told you of some Easter and spring centerpieces, and it?s time for an upcycled spring centerpiece that would make your table rather unusual. The supplies are light bulbs, batteries, or flashlight bulbs, wooden pots or candleholders, electrical wire and tape. Remove the lights from the light bulbs and substitute them with battery-powered lights. Make sure the voltage of the flashlight

Líneas limpias y vistas maximizadas, Definición de la casa Bug Bay Bach

Casas y Fachadas

El equipo creativo de COA en colaboración con Fuchs, Wacker Architekten ha desarrollado Bug Bay Bach House, una residencia moderna en Ciudad del Cabo, Sudáfrica. Construido alrededor de un espacio libre central, la residencia asegura un alto grado de apertura y de diversos puntos de vista de cada una de sus habitaciones. Líneas limpias, junto con paneles de madera y cubiertas en el nivel básico ga

Natsumi Hayashi makes every (floating) moment last forever

PingMag : Art, Design, Life - from Japan

Artist Natsumi Hayashi came to prominence after she started her ?Today?s Levitation? series on her Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary blog at the beginning of 2011.Her new exhibition is currently running at Aoyama?s Spiral Garden in Tokyo. For this exhibition she visited Wacoal?s factory in Vietnam and shot new ?levitating? photographs. If you?re only used to seeing her work online, you?ll be overwhelmed

Zippy Color Palettes from DKOR Interiors

Design Milk

This week, CMYLK features the work of DKOR Interiors, an interior design firm in North Miami led by Ivonne Ronderos. The bright and airy rooms, each from a different project in Florida, are perfect accompaniments for zippy color palettes, which we created using Colourlovers. Nursery in Sunny Isles, Florida Bedroom at the Bath Club, Miami Beach, Florida



Pabellón de diseño, por Manuel Torres - Portal de decoración

En el ltimo SAIE Mxico, que ha tenido lugar del 20 a 23 de febrero en el World Trade Center de Mxico D.F., se ha dado a conocer el Pabelln dedicado a diseo y tendencias creado por el estudio Manuel Torres Design. La organizacin de SAIE Mxico solicit al diseador que creara un espacio nuevo y sorprendente con el objetivo de albergar a diferentes firmas del sector de la arquitectura y el interiorismo

Multiherramienta Dremel 8100 - Portal de decoración

Personalizar un marco de fotos, customizar las sillas de madera de la terraza o decorar una maceta: todo es Do-it-yourself (DIY), la nueva tendencia en bricolaje y decoracin. Contar con las herramientas adecuadas para realizar este tipo de labores supone una gran ventaja. Con Dremel 8100, los manitas, restauradores aficionados y todos aquellos que quieran hacer que su hogar sea ms confortable, pod

In the Kitchen With: Nicole Taylor?s Rice and Harissa Chickpeas


This week?s recipe for Carolina Gold Rice and Harissa Chickpeas is a simple but great dish from one of my favorite radio hosts, Nicole Taylor. You may already know Nicole as the host of Hot Grease on Heritage Radio Network, a program that highlights rising leaders in the good food world, from chefs to bloggers to urban gardeners.  But if you don?t, you really should take the time to listen. I exp

DIY Easter Terrarium With Moss Rabbits


This is a perfect Easter decoration and gift not only for adults but also for kids. For this simple Easter terrarium youll need a small glass vase, preserved moss, moss covered styrofoam rabbits, small fake eggs, dirt and toothpicks. Put some dirt into your vase and the preserved moss. Stick toothpicks into the bottom of the rabbits and the eggs to keep them in place. Now arrange them on top of th

Eliminar los restos de pegamento del vidrio

Decoración 2.0

Buenos días amigos, en el espacio de hoy os dejo un estupendo truco para eliminar los restos de pegamento del vidrio.Es una forma muy sencilla de mantener limpios tus cristales, después de algún accidente con el pegamento. Si tienes pequeñas manchas de pegamento en los cristales, en algún artículo de vidrio o cualquier elemento de vidrio, ahora podrás eliminarlo sin problemas.A veces si vamos a ar