lunes, 24 de junio de 2013

El turquesa es el color del verano


Aunque técnicamente, y según los chicos Pantone, el esmeralda es el color de este año, para mi el turquesa sigue siendo el color del verano. No es que el esmeralda no sea alegre, pero el turquesa es mucho más flexible (en el sentido de combinable), vivaz y fresco, perfecto para dar unas notas de color a la casa durante la temporada estival. Al igual que hice cuando os sugerí que os atrevierais co

some things i liked last week ...


These kites ... Except for the hazardous haze here in Singapore it has been a very good week for me and Bloesem. Opening the shop with my new collection necklaces ... Bloesem Wear ... awesome reviews here, here and here and the icing on the cake was of course the Beast Best Award!Thank you for all the lovely comments, emails and tweets ... What are your plans for the weekend .. we will be watching

1890 Swedish Schoolhouse Turned Home


I came across this Swedish home at Elle Interior Sweden and had to show and tell a little bit about it because if youre not Swedish, you may have missed it. I happen to be one of those people who subscribe to all sorts of newsletters and magazines and blogs that are in another language unknown to me simply because style is style and language isnt going to hold me back from seeing it! Are you the s

¡Sorpresa! Venta a distancia en Ikea


Lo de sorpresa no lo digo yo, lo dice la misma Ikea, que ha guardado la información en la pestaña de sorpresas de su web. Y no cabe duda de que lo es porque, que si bien llevamos tiempo viendo pequeños pasitos en dirección hacia la definitiva venta online, ahora parece que las zancadas son cada vez más grandes. Comenzamos con la tímida iniciativa de la tienda de Oviedo, que, hace ya cinco años, o

Buenas ideas para decorar con mapas


Confesamos que aún no tenemos ningún tipo de decoración relacionada con mapas en nuestra casa. Y decímos aún porque es algo que siempre hemos querido tener, y que acabaremos teniendo, sin duda. Y es que, no sabemos qué será, pero los mapas tienen algo especial que hace que queden genial casi en cualquier sitio. Es por eso que hemos querido hacer una pequeña recopilación de buenas ideas para decor

Healthy Living: Part Two


I am so inspired by the great food stylists and photographers out there especially those who really push themselves to color outside of the lines and not fall into the generic look that can quickly become redundant and uninspiring. Im sure its hard for food stylists to stay fresh, especially since so many of them are out there, but the cream always rises to the top when one puts forth the effort,

Bradley Friesen?s Ultimate Bachelor Pad Redux

Interior Design Ideas

Modern furnishings give the place a mid-century appeal. The twin armchairs in orange add a pop of vivid color in the living space. The eco-smart fireplace replaces the bulky standard fireplace on an opposite wall. It burns clean with denatured alcohol with zero carbon emissions and no messy ash and soot. The cool concrete wall was discovered under layers of sheet rock. Friesens mother actually hel

Marriott Hotels - the amazing 10,000 square foot Innovation Lab!


Recently I had the very cool experience of visiting Marriott Hotels headquarters right in Bethesda, MD to visit and ?play? in their absolutely amazing ?Innovation Lab.??What is an innovation lab?? you might ask. A 10,000 sq. ft. space right in headquarters that allows designers, architects, employees, and customers to rapidly prototype and manipulate ?white box? guest rooms, lobbies, and meeting

Tobias Tovera


I now live in an apartment that is basically one big long railroad of white walls. My previous apartment was quite small and the amount of wall space was pretty limited due to the layout of the space and placement of some really odd lighting fixtures my landlord bought. So now that I actually have space to display some things, Ive started searching in earnest for artwork that would work in my spa

Campana Brothers: Concepts Exhibition

Design Milk

Brazilian design brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana, otherwise known as the Campana Brothers, have taken over New York City gallery Friedman Benda in their first ever solo gallery show in the United States with an exhibition called Campana Brothers: Concepts. The brothers work often touches on things like sustainability, globalization, and an exploration of materials, but this new body of wor

Weekend To-Do List: Summer In The City


Today marks the official first day of summer, otherwise known as the summer solstice! While the longest day of the year signals the beginning of some great summer pastimes?barbecues, trips to the beach, bike rides?it can also be a little unwelcome, especially for urban dwellers. With unbearable humidity, the sweltering heat often rising above the 90s, and nowhere to escape within a jungle of heat

19 Hot Summer Outdoor Party Crafts


Summer is party time! If you are planning a cool outdoor party in your garden, you?ll need some accessories to organize a good one. Food paper bags are stunning for such things as chips or other snacks, if you have cakes or cupcakes, make an awesome cupcake stand. Wreaths and garlands are a necessary thing for a fun party both inside and outside, choose them according to the party theme ? from a b

DIY Night Lamp Of An IKEA Planter


If you want a delicate night lamp for a feminine interior, you can easily make one of a flower pot. It?s not necessarily a table lamp, it may be a beautiful wall lamp that won?t take any space. You?ll need SKURAR flower pots by IKEA, cool and refined, a lamp with a velcro, batteries to the lamp, a hook. Put the batteries into the lamp and glue it to the bottom of the planter, turn over, attach to

Stockholm Bombay Project

House of Turquoise

What a wonderfully upbeat, cheerful home! Karolina and Patrik Svensk own Stockholm Bombay Project, a fabulous interior/textile brand in Sweden. Bloggers Sanna Sania recently photographed their abode, filled of course with beautiful textiles and colorful furnishings. The all-white backdrop really is the perfect canvas for their eclectic collection of treasures! If you love this look as much as I d



Con el ambiente refinado y veraniego de esta antigua granja, recuperada del olvido por la mano maestra de la diseñadora francesa Sarah Lavoine, os dejo mis mejores deseos para esta nuevo verano, que hoy estrenamos con sol pero sin el calor propio de esta fecha en Madrid.Fotografías: Henri del Olmo para Côté Sud vía French by Design



Verde esmeralda - Portal de decoración

Nos encontrbamos a punto de terminar el 2012 cuando pantone nos anunci, como hace cada ao, cul sera el color del 2013, en este caso le toc la suerte al verde esmeralda.VerzelloniTengo que reconocer que soy un poco escptica con estas cosas, porque la realidad es que algunos aos nos han anunciado que el color del ao prximo sera uno, que luego nos hemos visto por ninguna parte, y quien ha dominado la

DIY Fringe Wine Glass Name Tags


Not to mix up the glasses during a party you can use glass tags. Bright fringe name tags would make the meal personalized and would add a holiday touch. The supplies are crepe paper, craft paper, scissors, double sided tape, glue and a pen. Cut craft paper into strips 8.5 inches long and 3/4 an inch high. Fold in half, line up edges, and cut a ribbon point (two points on each side) on the end. Cut

Lugares del mundo para vivir en su propia casa.

Arquitectura de Casas

Trasladarse de un país a otro es algo habitual y fácil para muchos. Conocer nuevos destinos puede despertar en uno el anhelo de cambiar la residencia, dado que hay ciudades y lugares en este mundo que resultan cautivantes. Sitios donde uno puede desear vivir para siempre. La naturaleza, la arquitectura, el despliegue urbano, y la gente con su cultura, llegan a experimentarse por combinaciones si

Mapas en las habitaciones de los niños

DecoPeques -Decoración infantil, Bebés y Niños

Decohappy aporta su mapa para colocar en las habitaciones infantiles. Se trata de un mapa en vinilo para que los más peques aprendan jugando y familiarizándose con los paises del mundo. Está llenito de personajes y animales típicos de cada paisDecorar las habitaciones infantiles con mapasDecorar las habitaciones de los niños con mapas es una idea genial y las paredes quedan muy bonitas. Cada vez e

3 Stunning Topographic Posters by Nicholas Weltyk


Ever since I started making the graphics for our weekly City Guide posts, Ive started seeing maps in an entirely new light. While I once associated them with frustrating family road trips and dull geography lessons in middle school, Ive begun to look at them as little works of art?human productions that are beautiful ways of displaying data. Although everyday maps can be pretty rad on their own,

Bedrooms Photographed by Toby Scott

Design Milk

Brisbane based photographer Toby Scott focuses on interiors, architecture and lifestyle shots in his work, and tinkers with vintage motorcycles when off duty. He certainly has an eye for color. For this weeks  CMYLK, we created Colourlovers palettes for three color-drenched bedrooms that Scott photographed.



Boutique Valmont - Portal de decoración

Situada en el distinguido barrio de Sarri Sant Gervasi y en una de sus ms caractersticas casas modernistas, la mansin Valmont abri sus puertas hace unas semanas. Un espacio cautivador y una marca internacional de referencia en cosmtica celular de ltima generacin y de probada eficacia unen sus fuerzas.El nuevo Spa by Valmont en Barcelona alberga 4 amplias, confortables y lujosas cabinas adaptadas a

in the kithchen with: nicole hunn?s gluten-free lemon cream éclairs


Running the In the Kitchen With column once a week, it is difficult to squeeze in all the things we?d love to as often as we?d like.  Gluten Free desserts is one of those.  I hope this amazing recipe for Gluten-Free Lemon Pastry Cream Éclairs by Nicole Hunn, the author behind the blog Gluten-Free on a Shoestring (tons of great gluten-free baking!!), will more than make up for the times we?ve not

Vacaciones... ¡en breve! · Dreaming of holidays

VINTAGE & CHIC: decoración vintage para tu casa · vintage home decor

Pues sí, señoras y señores, Vintage Chic echará el cierre del 1 al 14 de julio por vacaciones.Habéis leído bien: VACACIONEEEESSSS. Hace tanto que no me tomo un descanso de más de 24 horas que me siento hasta culpable ;). No, es broma, creo que esta vez me las merezco bien merecidas. Tengo ganas de descansar, de pasear por calles que no conozco, de visitar lugares nuevos, de aprender, de reirme, d

Cabecero con pallets

Decoración 2.0

El reciclado que nos gusta a todos, y que en nuestro espacio ocupa un lugar importante, por cuanto resulta en creativos detalles que puedes lograr con unos pocos elementos. Hoy un bonito cabecero con pallets, un cabecero en el máximo de  la original que se hace en un trabajo de bricolaje, empleando los pallets y convirtiéndoles en un detalle decorativo para el dormitorio. Además de original accesi

Las flores de papel de Paper to Petal.


Hay quien rechaza las flores artificiales. Pero hay flores artificiales, como las flores de papel de Paper to Petal, que es difícil rechazar.Paper to Petal es una colección de flores de papel, hechas a mano, del estudio de diseño y fotografía THUSS + FARRELL, formado por el matrimonio de neoyorquinos Rebecca Thuss y Patrick Farrel.No es la primera vez que explico mi diferenciación personal entre f

DIY: Paneled Surfaces For Photography


Today I thought Id show you a DIY that will take you about a day but will be worth the time and effort if youre a photographer and/or stylist who wants to shoot more interesting photos from your studios. This DIY isnt that detailed (sorry) but what I show and tell will hopefully give you enough help to go out and do it yourself. You guys are pretty clever so Im going to assume that you wont really

Friday Five with Thomas Wold

Design Milk

San Francisco-based designer and artist Thomas Wold is no stranger to the virtual pages of Design Milk where his playful furniture and sculptural furniture installations leave lasting impressions for their custom uniqueness and eye candied whimsy. His furniture design and painting education background help guide his current creations that oftentimes mold a variety of styles and times periods into

Decorar con cuadros de lana

Decoración 2.0

Buenos días amigos, hoy decoramos con cuadros en blanco y negro, con unos lindos perros de lo más simpáticos.Además para dar un toque artístico y de color, han sido añadidos algunos toques de lana. Son muy sencillos de realizar y además sirven para decorar cualquier parte de tu hogar.Las fotografías pueden ser tuyas, en este caso es de temática animal.. pero puede ser fotos de familia, de una sola

Pinterest Contest: Design Your Ideal Summer Party


Each year, when warm weather rolls in, I find myself dreaming about the summer of 2006 one of my all time favorite summers. I had just finished my sophomore year of college, exactly half-way between worrying about which school Id get into and if Id have a paying job after, leaving me ? and many of my classmates ? in a state of total freewheeling bliss. This album had just come out and it felt li

Iluminar la piscina y los alrededores - Portal de decoración

Durante los meses de verano y, como elemento para disfrutar, la piscina juega un papel importante en los hogares, tanto de da como de noche. Pero no hay que olvidar que tambin forma parte de laimagen externa de la casa, por eso Faro Barcelona recuerda que es muy importante elegir una buena iluminacin segn las necesidades, gustos y preferencias de quienes la utilizan.La forma ms tradicional de ilum

Grapple Coat Hanger Made from Grass

Design Milk

Back in 2007, I discovered Grapple, a really cool coatrack concept by Ryan Frank. I dont know what happened to Grapple, but I was just informed that its back and better than ever. Collaborating with TAPEgear, Ryan has created a new hanging system for coats, hats, bags and such inspired by old, industrial crane hooks thats a sustainable version of his earlier design. Not only is it eco-friendly i

Moderna Casa refugio en Vermont: Casa Cantilever Lake

Casas y Fachadas

Integrado en un bosque con paisajes pintorescos  cerca al lago en Dunmore, Vermont, este moderno refugio creado por Brian Mac Arquitectos Vermont inspira confort y tranquilidad. Titulado Cantilever Lake House, el proyecto consta de dos casas gemelas separadas, cada una con dos niveles. Un dramático contraste se logra entre el exterior negro y gris de los edificios y los colores vivos del bosque. 

Dwell on Design 2013 Exclusive House Tour: Garten + Reid Residence

Design Milk

We arent able to attend the Dwell Home Tours during Dwell on Design this year, but they were generous enough to photograph the homes on the tour for us. First up on the West Side Home Tour 2013 is the Garten + Reid Residence, a redesigned 1940s bungalow with a 1969 addition that the architect herself lives in with her sculptor husband. Architect Molly Reid renovated this three-bedroom, 2,500 squa

After The Jump: Phin & Phebes Ice Cream (MP3)


One of the very best parts of my job is finding out that people I admire and support as businesses are equally awesome as people. So when I sat down to talk with Jess Eddy and Crista Freeman of Phin Phebes, I was beyond excited to discover that they are every bit as fun and cool as the ice cream they make. Ive been secretly enjoying way too many pints of their ice cream for months now, because i


Living in DesignLand

Hostal La Buena Vida, es el primer hostal boutique creado por el equipo de ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea. Situado en el distrito La Condesa, una de las zonas residenciales de la Ciudad de México de importante crecimiento económico y multitud de centros culturales, está rodeado de numerosas construcciones de estilo neoclásico y Art Decó, propias de la época de principios del siglo XX. Con el obj

Make it Modern: DIY Two-Tone Sail Rope Hammock

Design Milk

This might be the perfect summer project. Weaving is an amazing way to relax. The repetition and handiwork are incredibly cathartic?and when you?re done, you?ve made a place in which you can lay back and lounge. That said, when you?re making things on your own, it?s easy to get caught up on what you don?t have instead of embracing what you do. When I started this project, I fell into that trap: I


Living in DesignLand

Aparte de los tradicionales suelos de parquet colocados en espiga, desde hace un tiempo me obsesionan los pavimentos cerámicos bicolores, igualmente colocados en espiga. - See more at: propuesta de pavimento en el que combina parquet de madera claro con cerámico blanco, ambos colocados en espiga. El p