domingo, 15 de diciembre de 2013

Tres mercadillos navideños para este fin de semana en Madrid


Qué lejos han quedado aquellos puestos de la Plaza Mayor donde Chencho se perdía. Eran únicos en la capital y solo se vendían en ellos figuritas de belén, musgo, corcho y algunos escuálidos pinos que no se sabe muy bien de dónde salían. Ahora los mercadillos son bien diferentes y tan abundantes que me ha resultado francamente difícil hacer una selección de tres mercadillos navideños para este fin

san fran design week poster


Translucent, colored laser cut plexiglas create this lovely poster for San Francisco Design Week. The identity work, designed by Manual Creative, was based on the concept ?Exploring The Creative Overlap?. Marvelous! via Plenty of Colour



Jazz, de Keraben - Portal de decoración

El pavimento de un espacio es una de las partes ms importantes de todo proyecto arquitectnico. Por esta razn Keraben ofrece una amplia gama de colecciones de pavimento que se ajustan a las exigencias ms actuales.Una de las series ms urbanas de Keraben es JAZZ: una coleccin cosmopolita con aires industriales ideal para crear espacios diferentes con personalidad propia.JAZZ es fruto de un proceso de

DIY un calendario 2014 hecho por ti misma

Decoración 2.0

Mantener la organización de todo en casa y no estresarnos por dejar de hacer unas cosas, y liarnos haciendo otras, lo mejor es estar al tanto del transcurrir de los días. Organizarnos es imperativo para lograr hacer todo lo que nos  proponemos y evitarnos de mal humor y estrés, resultado de sentirnos frustradas por la falta de tiempo. Para que el 2014 marche bien, vamos a hacer un calendario 2014 

Pretty DIY Embossed Clay Star Decorations


There are many ideas to make a Christmas ornament of clay but these ones are special because they have a fabric pattern, a very non-typical thing. The supplies are air drying clay, a rolling pin, cable knit, a star shaped cookie cutter, sandpaper, some ribbon or string. Start by rolling out your air hardening clay evenly to about 5mm thick. Next take your cable knit wool and place it on top of the

13 Simple DIY Christmas Placemats And Table Runners


Placemats and table runners help to create a fantastic table setting and the desired atmosphere. Choose from these cool DIYs something for your own festive table. The easiest idea is a printable placemat ? you need to choose a pattern or an image and print it. A confetti placemat is a cool holiday idea for Christmas and New Year as making dots is easy for anyone. Burlap table runners and placemats

Gift Guide 2013: Stocking Stuffers and Pocket-Sized Gifts


Whoever said that bigger was better clearly hadnt seen these little lovelies! Whether you have some stockings to fill this year or simply need to pack light for holiday travel, this assortment of teeny-tiny gifts fit the bill spectacularly. Sometimes trinket-sized gifts have trinket-sized quality, but all of these picks, from hand-turned wooden spinning tops (above) to Hard Grafts coin wallet, pa

Giros: A Customizable Table with Two Surfaces

Design Milk

Much like an adjustable height stool, the Giros table can be customized by raising and lowering its nested table to reveal a second table surface. Designed by Cristian Reyes, the table is outfitted with a threaded central stem that connects the two nesting table surfaces allowing you to separate the top layer from the bottom one. Keep the layers nested to have a simple side table. Spin the one

¿Envolvemos los regalos? - Portal de decoración

A estas alturas seguro que muchos de vosotros ya habis empezado a comprar los regalos de navidad, y una vez hecho ese importante trabajo de bsqueda y seleccin, ahora nos toca ponernos manos a la obra para conseguir una presentacin especial que sorprenda al destinatario del paquete, incluso antes de que descubra lo que hay en su interior.Vamos a ver algunos ejemplos sencillos que podrs llevar a cab

2013 Gift Guide: 30 Gifts for your Cat Loving Friend


Ive been looking forward to this guide since before Thanksgiving. Call it what you will. Im not afraid to let my cat lady flag fly. Id be proud to give or get any gift on this list. Because if a cat doesnt make you smile, well then I dont know what will. The only downside to be a cat owner is that since we dont (usually) walk our pets, you dont get all the approbation that dog owners do. You have

DIY Christmas Hanging Terrarium


Terrariums are recent everybody?s love! And a Christmas terrarium can be a great ornament or a gift. To make one you?ll need small hanging glass terrariums, a styrofoam ball, a craft knife, Christmas minis like santa, deer, bottle brush trees, hot glue, Diamond Dust Glitter and ribbon. The first thing you need to do is cut a slice of foam to fit your terrarium bottle. Take your ball and cut it in

Best of 2013 #5: (Ping)Cars of the Year!

PingMag : Art, Design, Life - from Japan

The Tokyo Motor Show held at the end of November attracted 900,000 visitors, a massive increase from last years event. There are lots of motor shows all over the world but the new models presented every year by Japans automotive manufacturers always feel truly futuristic. People often talk about kuruma-banare in Japan consumers stopping buying cars but if the Tokyo Motor Show is anything to go b

Viviendo con estilo en 42 m2 · Living in style in 450 sq. feet

VINTAGE & CHIC: decoración vintage para tu casa · vintage home decor

De verdad que si no me fiara de la fuente, me costaría creer que este apartamento tan solo tiene 42 m2. Y es que también podría haberlo llamado el pequeño apartamento del vestidor que no lo es tanto? Por la decoración quizá ya lo hayáis imaginado: aquí vive una chica, Jesica, bloguera de moda para más señas y sin duda, una amante del vintage. Me ha hecho gracia que tenemos algunas cosas en común,

Conforama renueva su tienda online de decoración y muebles

Decoración 2.0

La cadena de muebles y equipamiento del hogar Conforama ha decidido adaptarse a los nuevos entornos de compra lanzando una nueva tienda online de decoración y muebles más rápida, fácil y segura, donde además de encontrar la información detallada de todos sus productos, podrás adquirirlos y recibirlos sin necesidad de moverte de casa.Sofás y salones, dormitorios y colchones, ordenación y despacho,

Kid´s Club Marbella - Portal de decoración

Cuando hablamos de vacaciones de lujo, habitualmente pensamos en un plan con nuestra pareja o incluso con amigos, sin embargo, las familias con hijos a veces se ven algo ms limitadas para organizar un plan de estas caractersticas. Una buena opcin son los Kids Club de los hoteles, aunque no siempre cumplen las expectativas de los ms pequeos o de los adultos.Para que tanto adultos como nios puedan d

Fantasized: Discarded Fans Become Lighting

Design Milk

Politician and environmentalist Hon. Nida Cabrera set up a challenge for Belgian product designer Sep Verboom to create a new product out of waste found in Cebu, Philippines. Verboom packed his bags and headed to the city and discovered that waste was a massive issue, causing both health and flooding problems. With Cebu being well-known for its weaving industry, it was a logical choice when it ca

Fresh From The Dairy: S6 Days of Christmahanukwanza

Design Milk

Society6 is having S6 Days of Christmahanukwanza, or, in other words you can pronounce: a week of deals. Today is the last day of the deals and theyre offering $6 of all phone cases from iPhone 5c to 4S to Samsung Galaxy S4. Here are some of my favorites: Agate, a vivid Metamorphic rock on Fire iPhone or Samsung Galaxy case by Elena Kulikova MINIMAL Green Stripes iPhone or Samsung Galaxy case b

Townhouses That Look Like Separate Houses

Design Milk

These two modern townhouses began as Spanish mission style homes before architect Robert Davidov, of Davidov Partners, got his hands on them. All was not lost though elements of the original homes were brought in through texture on the exterior finish and the decorative screen-like shade. The townhouses have different floor plans and appear to be individual houses from the street as opposed to

Spacious Apartment With Family Friendly Decor

Interior Design Ideas

This funky 160 square meter (~1722 square feet) apartment, by architect Larisa Nikitenko, overlooks the picturesque historic centre of Kharkov, resting in the bend of two rivers. The place was designed on the premise of being comfortable, functional and restful for an active family, a hit list that would probably suit many of us. It is packed with interesting features that can be incorporated into

Share Your eBay Collections & You Could Win $25K

Design Milk

The following post is brought to you by eBay. Our partners are hand-picked by the Design Milk team because they represent the best in design. Ill be honest. For a while there, I kind of forgot about eBay. OK, not completely?I buy a lot of bulk shipping supplies on there. But, for some reason I didnt think about it as a place for design. Boy, was I wrong. I started creating some eBay collections a

Muy compacto y apretada Casa Seaside por Ultra Arquitectos

Casas y Fachadas

Ultra Arquitectos diseñaron esta casa de madera con revestimiento en el noroeste de Polonia, para mezclarse con el sitio circundante. La residencia de tres pisos, llamado Seaside House , se encuentra cerca de las aguas del mar Báltico, detrás de la franja de arena. Asediada por pinos y vegetación y construido sobre la huella exacta de una antigua vivienda demolida, la nueva estructura cuenta con u

Una chimenea en casa, un cálido invierno tradicional


Dentro de los rincones especiales donde a todos nos gustaría echar una partida de Scrabble, un buen mus después de comer o una interminable partida de continental tras una cena en familia,o simplemente para tumbarse en una chaise longue o sofá con un montón de almohadones y un libro apasionante están los rincones con chimenea. Las chimeneas consiguen dar un ambiente cálido y hogareño a cualquier

Lay Baby Lay

House of Turquoise

One of my most favorite nurseries belonged to little Vivi (see it here). Well her talented mom Joni of Lay Baby Lay recently designed another darling space for the lucky little girl and her baby sister Brigie. I m fired up for an adventure just looking at the photos! Isn t it so creative and fun?! Love the pretty wall color (Benjamin Moore s Lido Green) and the mix of light and dark colors. SO man

Last minute gift ideas for nesters and home decor lovers!


I like to give gifts that have a lot of thought in them or I know the recipient really, really wants. That s not always easy, especially on a budget If I m stumped I tend to lean towards something unique that will be a conversation piece in their home. Here are a few cute ideas I found..This alpaca blend throw is sure to be a favorite for the lucky someone who gets it. So pretty!At Maker and Moss)

looks like music


Sound artist Yuri Suzuki designed this delightful interactive installation in which a miniature vehicle - the color chaser - detects and follows a black line and translates crossing coloured lines as RGB data into sound. In an interview with Dezeen, Yuri said, ?I am dyslexic and I cannot read musical scores. However, I have a passion to play and create new music and I always dream to create new no

watertower by tom fruin


Located in Dumbo, Brooklyn, Watertower is composed of 1,000 scraps of plexiglas and reclaimed steel. The iconic tower is illuminated by the sun during the day and by Ardunio-controlled light sequences designed by Ryan Holsopple at night. Created by Tom Fruin. via My Modern Met



Mauricio Arrudas Color-Punctated Interiors

Design Milk

Mauricio Arrudas eponymous firm deals in architecture, interiors, product design, and temporary environment design. He is a strong force in the contemporary architecture and design scene of Sao Paulo, where he is based, and also has an interest in social design issues and sustainability. His creations are clean and bold, based on white, and then punctuated with color. These three interior shots a

in the kitchen with: emma gardner?s victoria sponge


In response to my appeal to readers for traditional recipes on Izy?s Yorkshire Pudding post last month, I received a wonderful email from Emma Garder, the author behind Poires au Chocolat, ironically a British baking and desserts recipe blog.  From her repertoire, I chose one of the most classic of British dessert recipes, the Victoria Sponge- a nice soft cake with jam between the layers.  (You m

Catherine & McClure Interiors + LoveFeast Shop Giveaway!

House of Turquoise

Thanks to Catherine Skaletsky and Danielle McClure of Catherine McClure Interiors, this classic Boston Brownstone photographed by Eric Roth was revamped into a beautiful and sophisticated space! I really love the custom upholstered benches surrounding the dining table! They really give the room, which functions as both a dining and living room, a cohesive look. Love those Palladian Blue walls too

15 Creative Christmas Trees + Weekly Wrap Up


We got our Christmas tree pretty early this year, so Ive been indulging in holiday lights and cranberry-garlands a little longer than normal. Trees and greenery are my favorite part of holiday decorating, so I decided to round up some fantastic examples of creative Christmas trees to end this week. Whether youre finished decorating or are still heading out to pick up a tree, hopefully these ideas

Holiday Escapes: Holiday Light Walking Tour


In the midst of gift season mania, its nice to find a way to spend time with friends without the stress of presents. So this season we decided to share a series of get-together posts that will share ideas for gathering with friends and either making something or spending time together in a meaningful way. Were kicking the series off today with one of my favorite winter activities: holiday lights!

¿Buscas una idea de fin de semana para decorar en Navidad?


Seguro que ya tienes el árbol de Navidad, las guirnaldas, el calendario de Adviento medio abierto, los adornos navideños varios colocados... Pero es posible que este fin de semana te encuentres con los niños en casa y que ellos quieran seguir decorando la Navidad. ¿Quieres una idea divertida para crear adornos de Navidad con niños, este fin de semana? Mira estos arbolitos hechos con pasta y dime s

14 Cards To Wish Someone A Happy New Year

Design Milk

Apparently, wishing someone a Happy New Year appears to be a thing something we werent entirely aware of. But, now that we know, were jumping on the bandwagon. I mean, lets be honest, its incredibly hard to get it together in time to send out holiday greetings before the holidays, so now you can buy yourself some extra time by waiting till the new year rolls around. Get your pens out and wish you

La adivinanza decorativa del viernes: tronco


Deseando estoy siempre a que llegue el viernes para jugar con vosotros a las adivinanzas decorativas. Hoy tenemos un nuevo objeto del que tenéis que acertar la función. Parece un pequeño trozo del tronco de un árbol, pero en realidad es mucho más que eso. Apuesto a que ya se os han ocurrido varios usos posibles para ese objeto. Os recuerdo que no debéis dar marcas ni enlaces en los comentarios, p

Friday Five with Robert Springer of Spot On Square

Design Milk

San Francisco-based Robert Springer began his industrial design career nearly 20 years ago and early on found himself working at IBM for 8 years under the direction of design legend Richard Sapper. He went on to design for Samsung before partnering up in 2007 with his wife, Nicole, to launch their own furniture company, Spot On Square. Being at the helm of his own company allows Springer to build