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Simple Design Vs Super Design

Interior Design Ideas

Our first visit is to an attic above the old fishermens harbour of Camogli, a village near Genova. The project, by architectural firm gosplan, aimed to incorporate a living room, a kitchen, a studio, two bedrooms and a bathroom into the flat, despite the awkward shaped gambrel roof and the tiny floor area. The outcome is described as being halfway between existenzminimum (a subsistence dwelling) and a fashionable Le-Corbusierian cabanon.The restrictions led to personalized pieces made especially for the flat, where elements of each area could be closed away after use, such as the covered over cook top and a bed beneath a trapdoor. The small space utilizes every available inch for neat storage solutions.The second project, by Rad Design Inc, is a modern loft well suited to its trendy location in Torontos King West area. This home would make the perfect pad for an avid design lover, as each area boasts on-trend touches and oversized style declarations.Over the small living room area, a huge white anglepoise spider light demands attention in the central ceiling space, whilst a vivid piece of artwork fights for the spotlight above the sofa. Two black Barcelona chairs make sophisticated additions to the lounge furniture.Another bright piece of wall art decorates the space at the end of the kitchen cabinet run. All of these eye-catching elements work together within the space because the rest of the walls and furniture is kept neutral and low key. Exposed concrete ceiling and pillars counteract the glossy look of en vogue elements.Related Posts: Peaceful Getaway Home in the Forest Cute and Groovy Small Space Apartment Designs eBay Turkey Offices 50 Shades of Grey: Design Edition Secluded Luxury House Sporting an Open Design Modern Apartment Design Maximizes Space, Minimizes Distraction



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